tabloidboy (tabloidboy) wrote,

[Locked to Clark]

Clark, for once, I'll say it, you were right about Chloe—to a degree, at least. She's smart, and she cares for you, and she knows where power lies and how to cut it down. She doesn't know how to watch out for herself, or when to recognize that she's playing outside of the safety of her own playground, but those are forgivable sins. If I find you, and get you back, based on her information, I will watch out for her from now on.

She knew enough to connect my father to the death of one Virgil Swann. And she knew enough to look into the activities of Patricia Swann. She's compiled quite a case against my father; he wouldn't like the looks of it. I'll have to bet on that.

Molly had mentioned emails from Patricia Swann, cryptic emails--and while it was concerning, I didn't have enough to go on to link it to the letters or to your absence. I should have realized; Swann the elder was your protector. Or so we believed. I hate to instill doubt, Clark, but you had best prepare yourself for the possibility that he was your betrayer from the beginning.

I'm going to meet with Patricia this evening. I put it to her in a way that she could not possibly refuse. I don't yet know the level of her involvement, but if she is behind those letters to my father, it may be high. From her response to me, I gathered that she does not know my investment in the affair, beyond my interest in my father. This will be one advantage--not my only one, but one that may take me far.

Forgive me, Clark, for not stopping this, for not unraveling it sooner, and for the masquerade I will perform this evening with Patricia.

And even if you don't forgive me, not completely, do this much: wait for me.
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