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Clark is home. Clark is safe.

No doubt you will be displeased that I tell you so late. Days have passed, now, since his return. He hasn’t seemed eager to reenter cyberspace. No doubt he doesn’t want to talk about what happened.

Indeed, much of what happened I cannot share, and that which I can share, I'm not sure I want to.

And yet, as if moved by some endless drive, some instinct, I find myself typing here again. Duty to you, my readers, to let you know that he is safe, and that we are both as well as could be expected given the circumstances.

But something more pushes me to write here, as it always has. I still cannot name the impulse. This time, maybe it’s penance. Or a desire for absolution. An attempt at confession. Or none of the above, because, truth be told, I have little to no regret.

Clark held me back from taking irrevocable action—or rather, I took action, and Clark prevented the consequences. Despite everything that Clark had been through, he saw fit to have mercy. I had none, have no capacity left for mercy. To me, both my father and Patricia are dangers that need to be eradicated. It makes no difference that I found Clark via Patricia, that she wore a wire and led me to my father. She was playing the game, and her interests remained the same throughout, like those of my father. For all this time, he had his eyes on the endgame.

My father had him in a cage.

But I cannot talk about it here. For whatever premise of trust and double talk we’ve established here, there are some things I cannot speak about. Only know this: my father has proven himself inhuman. And as a result, I am inhuman in my own desires to see his end. And if it weren’t for Clark, that would be indeed how this little lovely story ended.

I had entered the facility with only Molly and a gun. Both trusted, both good at what they do. I had purposefully kept Chloe from coming with me, not because I didn’t trust her, but because I knew that, when it came down to it, she’d stop me from taking necessary action. But she was waiting when we emerged, a true friend to Clark.

Clark is... I don’t know how Clark is doing. I can’t tell yet if this has changed him. In some ways, he seems the same, but from my own experiences, I know he must be changed.

I never wanted him to change. Not like this.
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