tabloidboy (tabloidboy) wrote,

[Locked from Clark]

It's my angel's birthday today. I haven't seen him yet, but after I tie up some loose ends at work, I'll head out of the city to pick him up and to surprise him with his birthday gift. I hope he likes it. Once upon a time, it wasn't an option, but he told me that I had free reign this year.

I'm selfishly glad to have him to myself this weekend. Last weekend we had far too much interference. Mother's day necessitated family time, which I of course understood. However, Clark saw the need to invite not only Chloe but also Lois to his mother's day brunch... company I would have rather avoided. Clark's parents and I have come to some sort of tenuous peace; but the presence of others changes the game, no doubt reminding Mr. Kent of other paths his son could have chosen. Not that Jonathan would have been too happy with Lois as a daughter in law. Who knows, maybe he's counting his blessings.

But Lois gives me little peace, and neither does Chloe. Chloe pulled me aside to speak privately about Clark's recent adventures and my role in them. She attempted to impress upon me that she would go as far as I did for him. I wouldn't wish that on her.

After the little ideal family gathering, Clark decided to distract me with sex. And who am I to argue with a solid plan like that? We made good use of the mansion's amenities, and I was happy to put Lois and Chloe, and Martha and Jonathan, out of my mind.

But this weekend will be all about Clark and only Clark. As it should be.
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