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tabloidboy's Journal

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. LL and other Superman and Smallville things belong to DCcomics. [Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and no rights are held by the author; This LJ is a WIP in association with freak4ever, grlf_reporting, anotherlife,lions_den, redhotmama,and feegan, with ties to patriciangothic. If you would like to discuss this project, please visit sv_journals

As of the summer of 2005, Lex has chosen for the time being not to post in tabloidboy, in order to maintain the illusion of his death. He has instead started a new journal, palimpsest_. Updates to palimpsest_ will be posted periodically in this journal.

Please feel free to comment in the journal but if possible, don't use a SV icon. we would like to keep up the illusion as much as possible. Thanks.

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